I write different things for different people, all around the world, but whether it’s a eulogy or a website or speech or online course, all the writing I do for others has one thing in common  — the writing requires care.

It’s important to get it right. To communicate thoughtfully. With sensitivity. Originality. Nuance. It’s important to be precise and kind. And sometimes firm, sometimes poignant, sometimes fierce. It’s important that it sounds like you.

I have written for authors and thought leaders who had ideas but not enough hours to type.

I have written websites and posts for events that sold to capacity, with wait lists.

I have written memorials that, through the language, gave the loved one’s legacy deeper meaning. 

I have written social media posts liked and hearted by thousands and thousands.

I have helped online communities write community agreements to address racism and homophobia and ignorance, replacing good intentions with clear guidelines and expectations. (But I am not an equity and inclusion educator so for that, I recommend beginning with Milagros Phillips, The Adaway Group, or Evenings & Weekends Consulting and then I can help put your learning to words.)

I have written courses for teachers who knew their stuff, but not how to put it into lessons and assignments.

I have written so many newsletters. I love love love the intimacy and connection good email makes possible.

Photo of Milagros Phillips

When I read work Carrie has written for others, I feel her heart in it. She uses language to encourage connection and compassion and community.

Milagros Phillips, author of 11 Reasons to Become Race Literate

Working together

At present, I expect to have one space for a new retainer client in January 2023. If you or your organization could benefit from the writing services of a professional creative communicator (with anti-racism and anti-transphobia training), use the form below to be in touch and let’s begin a conversation.

I would love to help articulate and amplify the message of your work and life.

If what you have in mind is a smaller or one-off kind of project (and not an open-ended, ongoing retainer relationship), I usually have a little space set aside for those; I like to keep some wiggle room in the calendar for the unanticipated. Please use the form below to tell me about it, and let’s see what we can figure out.

My standard rate for one-time writing, wordsmithing, ghostwriting, and consulting is $250/hour but I’m glad to set project fees so you know what to expect going in. It’s significantly less for retainer clients who make a set, ongoing commitment.

I am already committed to volunteer work for organizations close to my heart but on occasion have openings for smaller writing projects on a pay-what-you-can basis for clients who aren’t in a position — especially due to systemic prejudice — to pay full rate. If this is you, please feel welcome to tell Christine, my assistant and welcome ambassador, in private what you’re looking for and what you can comfortably pay and we’ll let you know if it’s possible at this time.

My writing services

Ghostwriting, copywriting, writing – You tell me what you’d like me to write and I write it for you. As subject matter expert, you may also provide some loose notes or content for me to draw from, or I may do the research required myself, billing for that time.

Wordsmithing – You write the first draft, and I polish it, which will include proofreading for spelling and grammar as well as reworking for clarity, tone, and style.

What to expect

If you’ve never worked with a professional writer before, not to worry. Most of my clients haven’t. It can be vulnerable work, sharing your message and hopes with a stranger, and I understand if you’re a little nervous about it, a little tender. Tender is totally my thing.

Here’s what will happen. After you hit “submit” on the form below, Christine will read it and get in touch with next steps, letting you know if it sounds, at first blush, like a good fit for me, given timing and project type. She can answer any questions you might have. Once you’ve firmly decided to work together, she’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and a deposit invoice, and once those are settled, Christine will usually schedule us a zoom or phone date to kick off the project. (If it’s something very simple or we already know each other, we may skip the call and jump to the writing.)

After the kick-off call, we will handle the rest of our communications in the Google doc, so everything is in writing in the same place (and because I’m an introvert through and through who does not like the phone). If you prefer to be able to talk things through in voice, you’ll definitely be happier with another writer.

After that initial call, I’ll write or edit the piece for you and pass it along for your thoughts. It might be exactly right or exactly wrong or, likeliest, somewhere in-between, but the first draft’s job is to be a starting point. Something to respond to. And then we refine it from there.

My ideal client

I only write for and with clients — individuals or organizations — doing work that contributes to the improved well-being of the world, and my favourite set-up is an ongoing retainer agreement that uses me for the everyday communications that come up – newsletters, emails, “how should I say this?” sensitive stuff, social posts, essays, longer form pieces, curriculum, and so on … I love to be the gal you fling your really rough draft (or thoughts sent through Voxer) to, and I return it thoughtfully organized, well-written, and polished.

Some of the things people hire me to write

websites * emails * e-books * speeches * course curriculum * Instagram and Facebook posts * mini e-courses * obituaries * sensitive responses * guided meditations * eulogies * community guidelines * workbooks * legacy letters

Tell us about your project

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If we write together and you would also like design to match, I can help with that too.