(Sometimes, I am Em.)

So quietly, I also write erotica. A gentle way of inviting us all back to our bodies, our soft natures.

Rouge is a very short collection of micro-fiction, ten tastefully libidinous stories for sensualists and pleasure-seekers. Purchase a copy of Rouge

Rouge on tablet screen on teal velvet pillow

“Tender, thoughtful, and hot as blazes. This is a book best enjoyed like truffles. A bite here, one after dinner, one secretly enjoyed in the parked car before you go in the house. It takes only a few minutes to enjoy each chapter, but the energy and mood linger like jasmine.”

“Luscious, empowering, and sensual.

“Wonderfully written, a pleasure to read. Ms. Demaison has a way of expressing desire and sensuality that is beautiful.”

…what a treat to read erotica that actually feels like literature. Reminded me of Anais Nin.”

The Window as spoken-word opera

Julie Nesrallah performing a story from Rouge while members of orchestra Euphonia play, heads of crowd in dark silhouette

The second story in this collection, The Window, was adapted to spoken word opera, performed by renowned mezzo-soprano Julie Nesrallah and backed by an original symphonic score by indie orchestra Euphonia.