A journal of guided reflections for meaning seekers in dark seasons

Tablet showing the cover of Illuminations journal, alongside a white mug, pink notebook, and green leaves in a white vase

Even in the dark of space, Jupiter and Saturn will find each other. When we gaze into the dark, she still gives us Polaris, Dhruva, Stella Maris, Al-Judeyy, Niqirtsuituq … We’re never alone with the dark is what I’m saying. It only sometimes feels that way at first.

I’ve written these reflection prompts to give us space to experience what beauty there is in our own dark, to light candles for what we’ve lost and want to remember, to see what there is for us in the illumination, and how we can find our ways back to ourselves and each other.

It is a gift.

Download the journal here: Illuminations