Work as a Peace Practice

A (very short) self-reflective journal for meaning-seekers in uncertain times

Tablet showing cover of Work as a peace practice journal with pink notebook and writing pen

This is thick time we’re in. The information coming at us is more than human scale. We are grieving collective and personal losses while, at once, having to create new systems, new habits, new ways of being, new lives. Our neural pathways are rewiring and our nervous systems are firing. It is a lot. It is uncomfortable. It is, at times, painful. And so very much of it is hard to accept.

To be with the deep of it, I’m exploring a new-old personal practice: Work.

For the purposes of this conversation, I’m referring to “work” as anything one does while concentrating with purpose. This isn’t about a job or a service, necessarily. I mean work in a more expansive sense than that. Our own unique doing-while-being.

I’ve written this short self-reflective journal to help each of us find the work that can be our calming (and brief as necessary) personal practice right now. You can print it and write on the pages, or keep it as a download and use the prompts to write in a notebook. I think you’ll remember beautiful things about yourself.

It’s a gift. I hope you find it helpful.

Download here >>