Writing workbooks

I used to travel the country teaching website writing workshops for people in helping professions, people who didn’t necessarily think of themselves as writers but who still needed a website that made sense and weren’t in a position to hire a professional. What I discovered, and what I hope my students discovered too, is that everyone is a writer. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance. And someone to gently ask the right questions, and offer the right writing prompts. At the end of every workshop, I was consistently awed by the writing participants produced in just a couple of hours together.

So that I could support more writers (and writers who didn’t know they were writers yet) wherever they might live, I translated those workshops and the process I’d developed into a series of writing workbooks.

The internet is so much nicer when the helpers have their written voices there.

I am currently refreshing the series, but will post the titles below as they’re updated and available. (I’m also working on writing workbooks for other forms of writing, things that aren’t websites, but those will take a little longer.)

Currently available:

Cover of How to Write Your Homepage workbook on white tablet that links to page with all the workbook details

How to Write Your Homepage So it Says What’s Most Meaningful

A guided, step-by-step writing process + workbook for people and small organizations doing work that matters

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